Improve Your Innovation Management and New Product Development Performance

What Company Growth Plans Do You Have?

Over the next five years, the most innovative companies are projected to grow at twice the pace of the global average, and three times the least innovative1. How will innovation contribute to your strategy? Learn how Sopheon can help your company achieve exceptional long-term revenue growth and profitability with integrated enterprise innovation performance.

  • Roadmapping Works - Get Started

[LIVE DECEMBER 8] Roadmapping Works: Get Started

Join Paul Heller, Sopheon CTO, on December 8th as he shares practical "how to" steps for getting started with Roadmapping at your organization and how software can help.

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Navigate the Future: Roadmapping that Works

Explore Fraunhofer IAO’s recent research on Roadmapping as a strategic planning tool. See how leading companies remove uncertainty from their planning and get more value from their existing pipeline with living roadmaps.

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Agile-Stage-Gate: The Next Generation Idea-to-Launch Process

January 26-27, 2017
Tampa, Florida

Join this intensive two-day workshop with Dr. Robert G. Cooper on accelerating your idea-to-launch new product process with agile methodologies. In this workshop, you will learn why and how leading firms are moving beyond their traditional Stage-Gate® systems -- making their processes more agile and responsive to customers and getting superb results. [...]

Innovation Roundtable Summit 2016

November 8-10, 2016
Copenhagen, Denmark

Join Sopheon’s Jean-Pierre Lippini, Michael Wagner and Zahra Manshande at this 3-day event exclusively for innovation practitioners from multinational corporations, with over 600 innovation executives from 250 companies. [...]

Sopheon’s Accolade 11.0 Enables Enterprise Transformational Change Initiatives

New Release Focuses on Unleashing New Rates of User Engagement and Agility by Removing Unnecessary “Friction” Prevalent in Most Complex [...]

Sopheon Recognized By Gartner in New Strategy Execution Software Guide

Gartner Research Validates Sopheon Claims that New Approaches and Agility are Required for Closing the Strategy-Execution Gap in the Digital [...]

“Parker’s goal, simply stated, is to increase revenue and profit from new products. The strategic blueprint for achieving that goal is in place, but its success depends upon having the right methodologies and tools to support implementation. Accolade gives us a best-practices communication network with a common, business-driven language for design engineering. For the first time, we will have the ability to collaborate simultaneously across all eight Parker operating groups, located throughout 46 countries and in multiple time zones. We’re confident that this tool will help leverage our ability to provide customers with higher-value systems solutions.”
Craig Maxwell, Chief Innovation Officer, Parker Hannifin
“The blue print captured exactly what we needed and was very much written in our language so it was clear Sopheon understood our needs.”
Karsten Ernst, IT Process Manager, Freudenberg

How We Help You Succeed

Sopheon’s Accolade is a complete Enterprise Innovation Management (EIM) solution of software, best practices and services that provides you with the tools and knowledge to make smarter business decisions about which products to develop and how to bring them to market faster. The results are greater profits and revenues from new product development and innovation. The integrated innovation management software ensures that proposed products are strategically aligned with long-term growth goals, market requirements, industry regulations and supplier capabilities.

It reduces process inefficiencies stemming from poor execution and lack of cross-functional collaboration, and enables faster and better portfolio decisions that are supported by risk/reward analysis. This ultimately increases revenues and profits from new products by focusing resources on, or investing in, initiatives and projects with the highest return on investment and in support of your business strategy and goals.

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1 PwC Global Innovation Survey