2017 was another year of great videos and webinars. From interviews with Business Reporter to joint presentations with ConAgra Brands and Sopheon, we’ve covered a lot. The themes of replacing legacy operating models, digital transformation and digitalizing innovation for speed and agility resonate heavily in today’s volatile marketplaces. Here’s a look back at what was discussed.

#DigInnovation: Enabling Companies to Transform with Speed and Agility

A 2016 survey1 indicated that 86% of enterprise decision-makers felt they had a time frame of two years to make significant inroads into digital transformation or they would suffer financially and fall behind their competitors. Unfortunately, many companies are struggling with how to make the transformation of the corporate processes real in order to drive growth and remain relevant in the market.

Watch this interview with Business Reporter and Sopheon CTO Paul Heller as he discusses updating legacy operating models and digitizing innovation processes to enable the automatic cross-functional discovery of actionable insights.

Watch time: 8:46

Achieving Business Agility through Digital Innovation

Hear what our CTO has to say about digital innovation driving speed and agility, specifically drawing on his view of the High Tech industry. Paul Heller addresses what the opportunities are in digital innovation management, how digital innovation allows organizations to quickly iterate and respond to change, and how companies are using Accolade to make these changes.

Watch time: 4:25

The Full Benefits of Digital New Product Processes

Adopting digitally driven techniques and tools to improve new product development (NPD) processes can significantly impact top-line growth and bottom-line profit.

Watch as ConAgra Brands Director PMO Theresa Manahan dives into a recent case study on how ConAgra digitally linked their data systems (Accolade, Graphics, Oracle, and SAP) for “Data Readiness” to improve their speed-to-market. Sopheon Client Account Executive Brad Eby covers enterprise innovation and NPD as new value creation. He also showcases how Accolade can be the catalyst for connecting the enterprise to enable cross-functional collaboration for smart, fast decision making. This webinar is hosted by Consumer Goods Technology (CGT).

Watch time: 53:22

Enterprise Innovation in the Digital Era

Digital capabilities need to be developed across the enterprise for true transformation.

Hear Sopheon CEO Andy Michuda discuss the opportunities and challenges of innovating while navigating fast-paced changes. He covers how technology is an enabler of new operational capabilities, including an interconnected enterprise, responsive operating models, iterative processes, data-driven decision making and fluid ecosystems.

Watch time: 57:04

The Digital Innovation Era

Are you interested in the webinar Enterprise Innovation in the Digital Era but are pressed for time? Watch this much shorter video and hear what our CEO and thought leader thinks about what is going on in the market, how digital innovation is driving the change and how Sopheon partners with customers to maintain long-term relevance and success.

Watch time: 6:09

What Customers Are Saying

Learn how Sopheon customers react to change with agility as they discuss the benefits of automating innovation and NPD processes with Accolade.

Watch time: 1:04

Bringing Value to Life: Gated Process Basics and Beyond

Product innovation begins with a strategy and ends with the successful launch of a new product or service. A dynamic gated process practice organizes the process into a series of activities (stages) and decision points (gates).

Watch as Paul Heller explores the practices followed by innovation leaders spanning multiple industries to achieve cross-functional rigor, together with agility, to speed commercially successful product innovations and technology developments to market.

Watch time: 57:35

Interview with Hans-Cristian Eppich at DTIM 2017

Please note this interview is in German with English subtitles.

Hans-Cristian “HC” Eppich was interviewed during the Disruptive Technologies and Innovation Foresight Minds (DTIM) 2017 Conference in Berlin. HC covers innovation and disruption, how Accolade can help companies be agile and improve their innovation management, and unew challenges companies will face in the future.

Watch time: 7:07

1 Progress Global Survey, 2016


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