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10 Things to Avoid When Implementing Enterprise Software

The Struggle is Real

You are not alone. Software implementations that fail to deliver value are all too common.

Failure rates vary:

  • High Failure Rates: 70%
  • Low Failure Rates: 16%

The exact percentage doesn’t matter … Your tolerance for failure is 0%. No one wants to invest in a project that’s going to fail.

Who’s to Blame? Some blame the tool, others blame the vendor.

In fact: The 10 most common failure points have nothing to do with the tools or the vendors.

10 Common Failure Points

  1. Stakeholders opt out
  2. Users opt out
  3. Poor communication
  4. Stakeholders not fully represented
  5. “Too much too soon” in scope
  6. Business value is not well defined
  7. Leadership wanes over time
  8. Complex processes are replicated
  9. Training is ineffective
  10. Missed timelines

These failure points are all connected:

  • If you fail in one place, you’ll fail in multiple places.
  • Chaos and apathy begin to spiral and the adoption never reaches the point where the value is.

“Sopheon provided an excellent team from the business innovation side but also provided strong project management during implementation.”

– Dr. Joachim Dohm, former Global VP & Head of Innovation Process & Portfolio Management, Bayer MaterialScience (now Covestro)​

Talk to one of Sopheon’s implementation specialists and learn how we can help you implement the solutions you’re looking for.


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