Chart Your Organization’s Future with Roadmapping

Roadmapping is hardly new; Motorola introduced it in the U.S. during the 1980s and Philips was on a similar timescale in Europe. As a process, it has gained momentum in recent years for a number of reasons such as:

  1. Companies are increasingly complex, global organizations seeking […]
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Is Marketing Innovation Part of Your NPD Innovation?

A recent Forrester Research survey shows that only 11% of marketers have budgets specifically designated with allocations for marketing innovation. The research also found that the majority of companies, almost half of which have over $1 billion in annual revenues, are still in the early […]

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Managing Innovation: Harnessing the Power of Finance

I read a recent article which refers to a joint paper from CIMA and AICPA called Managing Innovation: Harnessing the Power of Finance and is basedon interviews with senior finance leaders at companies like Coca-Cola, Royal Dutch Shell and BT.

To me this is all […]

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Getting Started with Roadmapping

An article on our blog, Introduction to Strategic Roadmapping, introduced the concept of strategic roadmapping.  The next question that naturally follows is, “How do we get started with roadmapping?” The best — and easiest — way to start a roadmapping process is to hold […]

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Managing Change by Positively Communicating the Message

Recently, I attended an innovation workshop hosted by KPMG and Sopheon and it featured speakers from Fortune 500 consumer goods companies. As the workshop moved from this speaker to an interactive panel, the conversation flowed around the common innovation challenges felt by attendees, across […]

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Link Strategic Planning & Innovation via a Theme-Based Approach

An organization’s innovation efforts become more efficient and effective if they are tied to the company’s strategic planning process.  Linking the two processes, however, is easier said than done. How can companies use their strategic plans to guide innovation? One way to do this is […]

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Innovation Process Management: How Can We Involve Top Management?

Over the past several years, a significant amount of my work has been with large companies. In working with them, I have assisted with their innovation processes, specifically, improved the way they should manage their innovation processes. Innovation process management includes methods and software for […]

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Keys to a Successful Innovation Governance Implementation

One of the things we recognize as we work with customers about to undertake this kind of initiative is that it can be daunting. There is a lot to do. Further, the work can be risky from a personal as well as professional standpoint. It […]

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Four Levels for Great Ideas

If you ever wonder about the maturity of your company’s ideation process, these four levels are a simple yardstick – whether you have software to support them or not.

Level One is the age-old suggestion box. It’s been around forever and is the entry level of […]

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What is Project Management Software?

A long time ago as I was just beginning my career, I took a project management course at IBM. They were very adamant in explaining that project management was not a Gantt chart or a PERT chart. While the name of the project management […]

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